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How to Rank Your YouTube Videos FAST (Marketing SEO Secrets)

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How to Rank Your YouTube Videos FAST (Marketing SEO Secrets).

Today we’re continuing our YouTube Success Formula plan. We will be talking all about YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is also known as YouTube Metadata. This video will talk about how to tag your videos, how to title you youtube videos, how to make a youtube thumbnail, and how to write a youtube description to get more views and more subscribers. Remember, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the entire world! If you build it, they won’t come unless you master these four things! I call them….. the four horsemen of youtube success.

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How To Hack YouTube

1. Title
Think BuzzFeed. You have less than a second to get someone’s attention, and convince them to watch your video! Make your titles irresistible – make others say “I WANT THAT!”

2. Description
Focus on 1-2 long tail keywords you are targeting. Make sure these appear at lease 2-3 times during your description. Link any relevant videos or playlists to keep viewers watching your videos!

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3. Tags
Again, focus on keywords! Make sure your keywords are both relevant and honest as YouTube has been known to de-rank videos with misleading tags (“Justin Bieber YouTube Secrets” is not a good idea).

4. Thumbnail
Put extra time into this. Get a simple template that unifies your branding for your channel. Keep it simple, and make it mouth watering!

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